Check out your Emotional Intelligence

What can our driving personalities tell us about our overall emotional intelligence?

That interpretation will be left entirely to you; but if you pay close attention to your thoughts and behaviors, while behind the wheel, you may come up with some rather good ideas.  How do you reconcile a disagreement with another driver?  How do you accommodate drivers who you believe are being discourteous? How well do you follow the rules that you think everyone else should follow? How are you at conforming to impediments in the road, stop signs, traffic jams, yellow lights, and pedestrians? Have your driving habits become patterns, perfect necessities for your continued happiness?

You may find that your answers to these questions will closely approximate how well you regulate your behavior in your walking life.  Driving just gives you a chance to see who you really are (and how others perceive you) all in once glance.

Are you willing to express patience, tolerance or pity for those you encounter who disagree with you, impede your way or behave counter to your expectations? When people make errors that affect your walking life, are you quick to label them bad, wicked, evil or depraved.  Do you provide yourself with enough evidence to determine that someone is inferior, purely on the basis of one or more of the poor choices they’ve made?  When people act objectionably, do you reconcile yourself by conjuring in your own mind their true intention? Do you ask?  Even though you have no real way of confirming your suspicions, do you behave as if they were facts?  Do you often feel so morally right that you are willing to claw someone’s eyes out to prove it?

Your driving life is parallel with your walking life. Go for a drive. Find a congested area. If you like how you behave, so be it.  If you don’t, you can change it.

Imagine greater.

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