Lexia Cherry – qualified Beyond Success Coach

Beyond Success is accredited with the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching and has been a leading coaching organisation for the past 27 years.

Lexia Cherry: Bachelor of Arts (Social Welfare). Bachelor of Education.

Further studies completed include; Emotional Freedom Techniques, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Training and Assessment Certificate, Wayne McLeod Family Therapy, Fitness Leader Certificate, Pilates Certificate, 4MAT Education Systems, The Completion Seminar, Educational Kinesiology Certificate, Mind Body Training Certificate, Myofacial Advanced Certificate, Success Congress, Brain Gym Certificate, Touch for Health, The Systems Balance, Spiritual Development Course, Path to Personal Power, Inner Journey for Women, Organisational and Personal Skills, Family Therapy, Certificate in Time Management Skills, Health Promotion in the Workplace and Women’s Health.

Past positions include developing my own fitness centre business, working as a  health educator, women’s health officer, domestic violence worker, aerobics instructor, group personal development facilitator, massage practitioner and facilitator for numerous courses for Cope.


” I am gaining great benefit from Lexia. Her style is not intrusive, yet gently forceful, getting me motivated to stay on track. I love my contact with her because it reassures me that I am very much able to achieve my goals.    I would recommend her to anyone.”   Ella L.  SA

“A fabulous listener. She listens beyond my words and gives me insights that I had not immediately seen.”   Susan J.  SA

“Love the way she challenges me – direct AND empathic”  Cheryl R.  SA

Lexia Cherry B.A. B.Ed. A.P.C.

 Somerton Park, Adelaide

  e lexiacherry@beyondsuccess.com.au

  m 0439 947 099

  p  (08) 8294 0709


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