Do others push your buttons?

Turn your ‘buttons’ into your friend. It’s useful to recognise your buttons, because they’re showing you what you need to know about yourself.

Your buttons/emotions are like the dashboard of the car, they show you how to care for self and arrive at your life’s destination. Flashing lights may mean more coolant, add fuel or change gears. Our emotions, likewise, tell us about changes we could make to make our journey smoother. The changes are usually around our beliefs.

Your emotions come from your thoughts/beliefs. When you think, you feel, and the feelings will be congruent with the thought.  Locate your thought and you will find what you are referring to as your button. Once your thoughts are under your control, your emotions will also be. Then, when people reach for your button, they won’t find one.

Embrace your emotions!

Watch this great video…….

My next post looks at how you can change limiting beliefs.

Cheers, Lexia


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