Coaching Modules

Coaching Modules

Within each module there are around 12 units of possible work to complete to gain possible insights to your success.

  • Relationships

  • Life Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Money mindset

  • Communication

  • Job seeking skills

  • Assertiveness

  • Self esteem

  • Leadership

  • Health and fitness

Coaching Package includes;

  • Continual personal, phone and email coaching

  • Life Management Survey to support the coaching process

  • material to set meaningful goals and track those goals

  • comprehensive Personality Profile

  • online units provided and tailored to your needs

  • comprehensive feedback on coaching units

  • unlimited email support

  • inspiration email fortnightly

  • Beyond Success Forum and monthly newsletter

  • 3 day workshop with Paul Blackburn $197 – value $1,970


One response to “Coaching Modules

  1. Having experienced the modules, I highly recommend the coaching package. The learning didn’t stop on completion of the modules. Most of the lhe learning took place in my interaction with Lexia. An asset for my business development. Thanks Lexia. Ella

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