Read a great article the other day about the extras in life that can be achieved when trust is a major ingredient in the transaction.

Our experience is not just that money can be made more quickly – after all a 37 year marriage rests on a bedrock of trust. And that trust has been tested many times – that’s how we know it works.

Whilst everything in your life will go better with trust as the keystone: relationships, health, business, holidays, you name it – the key isn’t trust in others despite its necessity.

It’s trust in oneself that makes the biggest difference in our lives.

As I’ve said many a time in Resolving The Mindset Riddle – break someone’s trust and they’ll get over it.

Break your own and you wont.

You’ll forever know yourself as a liar.

Therefore we need to become trustworthy with ourselves by keeping promises like going to the gym, staying off alcohol if we said we would, meditating each day…

Boring I know – but if ever I’ve seen a recipe for success – that would be it.

Source – Paul Blackburn, Beyond Success

What do you think?

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